So I am going to be an aunt (again, soon) to twins. Now I need to do a couple of things and I am really excited about all of it. I want to host a baby shower. This time the baby shower will be for twins.

I think that twin baby showers present unique opportunities, at least for me, and there is a lot of room to be creative. This should be a fun shower theme to plan.

Before when I helped we didn’t really have a theme. But since then I have learned a lot about planning and it will be easier having a theme, because you can apply it to everything from the invitations all the way to the thank you cards and everything in between. That means you can really shape the shower and when you have twins coming it is something that you should really embrace in my opinion.

For me it is one of those moments when you don’t want to get afraid, to loose the creative spark that will make the most of this exceptional celebration! Websites like Pintrest have kept me occupied for hours and I have seen some good ideas but still nothing that really jumped out at me. I thought about a twins baby shower board but ended up skipping it since a lot of the ideas were partial copies of one another. That is something that I noticed about Pinterest recently. A lot of people seem to just look for inspiration on there and the ideas that they come up with are copies and then they post them and it just sort of makes the whole process useless. Where is your creativity people? For some of my favorite twin shower themes I just jotted the ideas down in a notebook.

The first thing you need to think about, and this is true for everything is that if you are throwing a twin baby shower, timing is everything.

One thing that I read was that many twin mamas deliver earlier than they’d like to. I am not sure if you knew this or not but these will be the first sets of twins in the family (ever). A lot of mamas end up on home rest or bedrest.

Our twins were due in March, and that means that the our shower is going to be in New Year (January 15th). This seems early, but I’ve read and have been told that it isn’t uncommon for twin mommies missing their own baby shower, which sort of sucks. And it would also be a disater if we had to rearrange it due to bedrest restrictions.

So I am trying to plan early. That means that the baby shower for the twins will be after Chrsitmas. And the earlier the better. This way our friends don’t need to rushand I will be much calmer, I am just thankful I am not in the last trimester of a twin pregnancy. I can handle the baby twins shower.

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